MX Solar Inverter

Compact in size, only 3U height It is very compact and high-efficient comparing to current offers in the market

Fit into standard 19” rack frame Using standard 19” rack frame, the MTR-M 3U module with special rear configuration may be easily fitted in

Touch screen LCD display for user-friendly operation Optional control module with 5” touch-screen LCD display provides multilingual messages with UPS information on-screen or remotely

DSP controlled Technology – with advance DSP control, the MTR M decentralized parallel modular series offers maximum power density in the UPS field

  • Decentralized Parallel Structure with Hot-swappable feature
  • DSP-controlled Technology
  • ModularN+XParallel Redundancy
  • Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion & High Efficiency
  • Fit into standard 19” Rack Frame
  • Touch-screen LCD display for user’s friendly operation
  • High Power Density up to 200KVA per rack for space saving
  • Invest as you grow
  • Compact in size, only 3U height
  • Superior MTBF and MTTR
  • Emergency Power Off device can be operated onsite or remotely
  • Common Battery
  • Programmable Battery Voltage from 192V dc to 240V dc
  • Intelligent Charge Modes with smart charge current adjustment
  • Powerful charger builtin Modular and UPS Frame
  • Versatile communication interfaces provided for different applications
  • Matching battery modular also available