n-STS (32A-120A)

• Increased Power Quality • Increased Noised Reduction • Power Blackout protection • Power Redundancy • Automatic Static Switching • Remote Monitoring Input Power Source • Easy Static and Mechanical Transfer to input Source • Remote Management of the Power Events • Power Event Logging • Output Current Capability (1000% for Short Time) • 2 Years Warranty • 10 Years Spare parts Support • 19” Rack Cabinet • Hot Swap Option • Manufacture According to EC Directive; EN62310

 n-STS single-phase is part of the EPI STS range and offers solutions suitable for protecting single-phase loads with different power ratings. n-STS is available in three sizes – 32, 63 and 120 A – and is therefore able to satisfy various requirements for the protection of single- phase loads. FLEXIBILITY OF USE All n-STS versions are designed with criteria that facilitate on-site installation as well as diagnostics, control and maintenance operations. All models are equipped with a manual bypass and the hot swap function allows for rapid corrective interventions by non-specialized personnel in the event of faults.

LOAD PROTECTION With n-STS transfer switch loads are protected against critical environmental situations and mains power interference. Microprocessor control and the use of thyristor static switches ensure continuous monitoring of the power supply sources and reduced switching times between the two sources in the event of a fault. The constant monitoring of the output current allows for the rapid identification of any short circuit currents in the consumers, preventing short circuits from propagating to other loads. n-STS is equipped with thermal-magnetic protection for the two sources, ensuring rapid intervention in the event of faults and integrated back feed protection. n-STS ensures switching times between the two power sources of less that a quarter of a cycle, both in the event of manual switching and in the event automatic switching triggered by a fault in the power source.

COMPLETE DIAGNOSTICS All n-STS versions are equipped with 32-character LCD displays and control panels with multi-function keys. This allows for rapid and intuitive monitoring of supply readings, switch status and environmental conditions. n-STS is equipped with three standard programmable dry contacts, an input for emergency shutdown, a 232 serial connection and a slot for housing the expansion board, thus ensuring complete availability of interface solutions for remote control and monitoring.

n-STS (32A, 63A, 115 and 120A)

Static Transfer Switch 32A, 63A, 115 AND 120A

SINGLE PHASE 32A; 63A; 115; 120A

With this innovative switch system, EPI offers you a combination of maximum security and reliability even for the most critical applications. n-STS provides rapid switching between two independent single phase power supply sources, thus avoiding critical power line problems or damage to the load in the event of faults from the source providing power supply.

With n-STS, one of the input power supplies can be configured as the preferred source. A block diagram with LED indicators and LCD display on n-STS system enables immediate identification of operating status and all system information.

n-STS is available in single phase 16A, 63A, 115A and 120A capacity.

PROTECTION AGAINST POWER SUPPLY FAILURES If one of the two power source falls outside specification, Multi-SWITCH will transfer the connected loads to the second power source (switching is instantaneous even if the two sources are not in phase).