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The Company.

EPI UPS, with world-wide offices, is a British origin company offering an extensive range of data center infrastructure services.

EPI UPS is an uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), Static Transfer Switch (STS) and battery manufac- turer with factories in Italy. Over the last 20years, it has evolved from a home grown manufacturer in Italy to a worldwide company with offices in 20 countries across Europe, Asia-Pac ific, South-Asia, Middle-East and the South-America.

EPI-UPS SYSTEMS is a global provider of power quality solutions designed to increase the availabi- lity and uptime of mission-critical applications or processes, from a simple desktop PC to a large Internet Data Center or industrial manufacturing plant.

EPI UPS has been investing in the research and deve- lopment labs where, every year, new systems are designed in co-operation with the final users and manufacturers of other electronic and electrical equipment. Furthermore the development of our structure and sales dept. has contributed to conso- lidate the experience reached over the years.

The wide range of products (up to 1,000kVA) with single or parallel configurations (up to 6MVA) can satisfy most of the different requests. EPI UPS qualified technicians can give all the technical support before and after sales, necessary to be competitive in a high-tech market.Using advanced systems, EPI UPS guarantees the conformity of its products to the most restrictive European standards.

EPI UPS is one of the leading provider of customer- focused power solutions for the global marketplace . Pace-setting technologies, highly reliable UPS system and services experts uniquely position EPI UPS to deliver comprehensive solutions that open up infinite possibilities for its customers’ success.

Our depth enables us to confidently deliver solutions that extend beyond expectations. Offering flexible and cost effective solutions through the utilization of latest technology available for UPS system. EPI UPS has gained recognition from its global customers for consistently delivering power solutions of high quality and reliability. With a dedicated & motivated workforce, unified by a desire to make the customers’ success, their success, delivery lead-times are continuously managed and improved to enable rapid customer satisfaction. EPI UPS today continues to strive and innovate to provide ever higher levels of service and quality for customers, to be their choice leading edge advanced UPS system. EPI UPS maintain good relations with customers. Aim for the best customer service by satisfying specifically what the customer requires and expects.

The EPI UPS strength is built on a sound long-term rela- tionship with several of the most significant global vendors in the power industry. A professional approach in conducting business has enabled EPI UPS to form mutually valuable relationships with its partners.


To be the preferred UPS system in every market we serve by consistently providing innovative products and flawless delivery of services, proactively reinventing ourselves to meet market demands, creating customers value through superior products, cultivating in our people a sense of pride and ownership, and striving to be always better than what weare today… tomorrow.

Commitment to Customers

We are committed to deliver products and services that surpass customer expectations in value and every aspect of customer services, while remaining to be prudent and trustworthy stewards of their power system. We are committed to provide our customers with superior quality product over the long term.

Commitment to a Dynamic and Efficient Organization

We are committed to creating an organization that is flexible, responds, to change and encourages innovation and creativity. We are committed to the process of continuous improvement in everything we do.

Commitment to Employees

We are committed to our employees’ growth and development and we will nurture them in an environment where excellence, integrity, teamwork, professionalism and performance are valued above all else.