Delta Ω

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Delta Ω Modular Precision Air-Conditioners

LATERAL THINKING In a modern datacenter you need to scale capacity to meet changing IT demands, but traditional cooling won’t let you.

The Delta Ω incorporates a radical piece of lateral thinking. Instead of blowing cold air around the room like a traditional air conditioner, Delta Ω removes the heat at its source in the rack. This means the heat does not move around with unpredictable thermal effects. It also means cooling units can be as modular as the servers.
The result?

  • Cooling is easily scalable throughout the lifecycle of the datacenter.
  • You can set up powerful data processing capabilities in any room.

We’ve taken this lateral thinking further. We can create a cold air curtain in front of the servers, offering all the control and efficiency of thermal containment, without the costs of raised floors or extra panels.

  PRECISE The Delta Ω slots into any standard server rack. By focusing on the rack, not the room, we have made cooling units as modular as servers. We have transformed your options for building a new datacenter or progressively upgrading your existing IT capacity. So as you add more (or more powerful) servers you can simply add the extra cooling capacity you need, when you need it. That’s it: modular, precise cooling with no need for complex new building work.

FLEXIBLE With the Delta Ω you don’t need to worry about invasive building work. You can add capacity faster, at lower cost, more flexibly.

You can easily augment capacity in low density installations, or move with minimum disruption to high density computing without worrying about hotspots. You don’t need to plan everything in advance. Add servers and cooling to existing racks, or place a new rack where you have room.

EFFICIENT Improve your energy efficiency. Delta Ω units consume only a quarter of the electricity of traditional computer room air conditioners.

The Delta Ω is perfect for both hot aisle and cold aisle enclosures. In an enclosed hot aisle the delta-T exploits available warm air to improve chiller performance, reducing power consumption and helping you take full advantage of “free” cooling in colder months.

PERFORMANCE With the patented Delta Ω air curtain you can secure the cooling performance, capacity and cost benefits of hot aisle containment in a single row, without the cost of enclosure.

PATENTED In its patented semi-recessed position the Delta Ω improves fan efficiency by one third, further reducing operating costs. The Delta Ω also operates with half the waterside pressure drop of competitive close coupled cooling units and requires only a quarter of the fan power of traditional perimeter air conditioners – transforming the coefficient of performance to achieve 50kW of cooling for under 1kW power consumption.