Online UPS

DX Series 10-30KVA

DX Series


DX series UPS applies advanced technology that increases performance and reliability. Two high speed DSPs with completed digital control to ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor and low input current makes UPS green energy saving power. It also offers humanisation design; a full front access of service ability and a user-friendly interface.


• ISP (Internet Service Provider)
• IDC (Internet Data Center)
• Computing Center
• Bank
• Server Center
• Precise equipment


• Online double conversion
• High efficiency and reliability
• High input voltage and frequency windows
• High input PF>0.99
• Input current THDi<4%
• Muti-protection, over-temperature protection with 8 sensors, over-load, battery under voltage, fan failures, short-circuit
• Four circuit breakers, providing full protection when fault happens
• Battery cold start
• Battery management with smart charging control, greatly extend the battery life
• Parallel up to 8 units
• Friendly operation interface, high-resolution LCD screen

DX Series