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e-Switch (16-160A)

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e-Switch (16-160A)

Static Transfer Switch 16A, 32A, 50A,80A,100A&160A

EPI e-Switch static transfer switches are available in singlephase double-pole 16A, 32A, 50A, 80A, 100A and 160A versions. e-Switch ensures maximum reliability to critical loads by eliminating system failures caused by problems in distribution rather than by the failure of the power source itself. Double-pole operations ensure optimal flexibility for all the different types of electrical distributions.

FLEXIBILITY FOR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS e-Switch has been designed to allow the hot swapping of all the solid-state components (power and control), dramatically reducing repair times while keeping the load powered. e-Switch flexibility allows complete compatibility with customers’ load and environment requirements. Standard features include priority mode operation allowing users to select the preferred power source.

e-Switch features a fully redundant forced ventilation system with fan failure alarm, allowing mission-critical reliability whilst taking up a minimum amount of rack space (2 HU). Front-to-back ventilation ensures perfect compatibility with state-of-the-art cooling systems for Data Centers.

LEADING TECHNOLOGY A crucial function of e-Switch is the Break Before Make (BBM) transfer. This ensures that the two live feeds are never connected in parallel. The e-Switch also ensures that switching between the two power supplies occurs safely under both synchronous and asynchronous conditions relative to input waveforms.

RELIABILITY Having an e-Switch adds another layer of security for mission critical loads. Ensure a redundant power supply by enabling controlled switching between two independent AC power supply sources. Switching is performed whenever the line that supplies power to the load goes out of tolerance. The distribution downstream from an e-Switch is not only protected against the failure of the sources, but also against any failure in upstream lines.

COMMUNICATION Voltage free contact ports are available in standard assembly versions and facilitate communication with installed power protection equipment. LED displays offer complete and easy interaction with e-Switch and provide detailed reports on the operational status of your equipment.

APPLICATIONS e-Switch provides additional security for a wide range of mission critical applications including:

  • Data centers/ISPs
  • Call Centers
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Transportation Signaling Systems
  • Health Care

If one of the two power sources fails or falls outside specification, Multi-Switch will transfer the connected loads to the second power source (switching is instantaneous even if the two sources are in phase). The EPI e-Switch is an efficient and competitive solution that manages two redundant sources to provide absolute power protection.