Industrial UPS

HM Plus Series 10-800kVA

HM Plus Series 10-800KVA Industrial UPS
348/220/110 VDC
Double Conversion Online (VFI)


HM Plus series is a fully intelligent and digital UPS with its output isolation, double online conversion design and it's high speed. It is also designed with excellent compatibility between the IGBT rectifier and phase controlled rectifier, allowing the use to choose between the two to meet the different requirements necessary.

HM Plus series possesses a power factor more than 0.975 after adopting IGBT component's PFC function technology. With the reduction of input harmonic and reactive power loss, it becomes an energy saving UPS with high efficiency. It also incorporates a user-friendly one-touch 7" colour LCD screen control with configurable electrical characteristics to meet the different power supply standards of various countries. Key PCB boards with conforming coating treatment to ensure damp-proof, salt fog proof, mildew proof-thus suitable for any high pollution industrial environment.

With excellent overload capacity, adopting five-stage overload protection technology, it is suitable for the most demanding industrial load. It has adopted advanced detection and protection measures and technology prevents the current to flow backwards while common conduction of IGBT components to improve the reliability of the system. Having a high efficiency of up to 0.93 also helps to reduce energy consumption in the UPS.


  • Output Isolated low frequency transformer
  • IGBT rectifier Module with PFC
  • Full bridge IGBT inverter module
  • Static Bypass components
  • Double independent large scale DSP control
  • Hardware and software mutual redundancy
  • Strong steel structure for industrial environment
  • LCD touch screen control
  • Three stage intelligent battery management system
  • Intelligent fan rotation rate control redundant device
  • Expandable parallel components
  • Dry contact and RS232/rs4 ( MODBUS ) port

HM Plus Series 10-800KVA Industrial UPS
110/220/348 VDC
Double Conversion Online (VFI)