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HM-ProX Series10-120kV

HM-ProX Series
On-Line Double Conversion (VFI)


Stable, Smart, Simple, Saving; Reliable. HM-ProX industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS) combines conservative design (SCR/IGBT) with proven digital control to ensure the utmost reliability in any electrical and environmental conditions. With the integration of our existing users’ application and feedback, and our latest research and developments which have improving our product performance, efficiency, safety, system reliability, higher power Integration of density, intelligence and miniaturization.


  • Oil and Gas industries,
  • 0ff shore and onshore
  • Refining and petrochemical plants
  • Power generation plants
  • Rail transport


  • Uses the DSP digital vector control technology which increases the performances of power components, enables an active conditioning of the load and allows personalized system settings. The result is improved reliability for the process and enhanced safety for the personnel.
  • Support a variety of batteries type, automatic control of the charging voltage and current, withcold start function, and battery replacement without interrupting the UPS operation.
  • The panel displays with friendly, easy detailed UPS interface information, realize UPS remote monitoring and control through input/output dry contact and SNMP card.
  • 12-pulse rectifier is an option, which can enhance the input power factor and lower the Input power harmonics
  • With high reliability design such as reverse voltage and short circuit protection, simple power distribution, and parallel redundancy (N+1) function