Online UPS

HT11-Li 1-3kVA

1-3kVA (1/1)
Double Conversion Technology

Full Digital Control Technology

Advanced DSP control technology, accurate and fast data processing, with rapid fault self-diagnosis and processing ability, perfect self-protection function, higher reliability. Improve the circuit integration degree, optimize the circuit design, improve the antiinterference ability, the performance is more stable. Independent air duct design technology, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole machine.

Perfect-compatible Generator

Adapt to the generator as the input of the AC source, effectively isolate the adverse factors at the front end, avoid power grid pollution, and provide pure, safe and stable power supply for the load. Green safety, all devices are in line with the international environmental protection RoHS standards, green and harmless, quality assurance. Support ECO operation mode, efficiency of 99%, to achieve high power utilization rate

Super Strong Grid Environmental Adaptability

The ultra-wide voltage input range can adapt to the voltage range of different use environments and easily cope with the harsh power environment. Municipal power is preferred, frequency 50 / 60HZ adaptive, intelligent free. Setting with fault code display function, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency. Good applicability of power grid, input power factor> 0.99, input current harmonic " 3%, improve power utilization rate, and effectively reduce energy consumption cost.

Rich Dry Contact Signal and Communication Functions

Communication function is standard with RS232, network monitoring card, RS485, dry connection. Communication modes to realize intelligent monitoring of computer and uninterrupted power supply, perfect communication management function to meet the needs of customers' remote management, let you know of the state of the equipment. Can support the call selfstart function, once the municipal power recovery can automatically connect the power equipment to start the lithium UPS power system.

Built-in Innovative Lithium Phosphate Battery

High ratio than energy, light weight: the module standardized design, can be freely combined, and the volume and weight are 1/3 of lead acid, more suitable for spatially limited application scenarios. High safety, long life: using high safety, long life of lithium iron phosphate cell, the service life of up to 10 years, UPS power supply full life cycle without battery replacement. High reliability and strong stability: adopt reliable module assembly process and protection measures to ensure the consistency of internal resistance of cell and module voltage, meet the power preparation requirements of system design, and improve equipment reliability