Online UPS

MTN Dual Series 1~3kVA

MTN Dual Series

Online Double Conversion
Tower or 19″ rack mount UPS


MTN-Dual series is a online double conversion UPS with full DSP control technology. With 19 inch standard rack design, self-adjusting output frequency, smart battery management system and network management. MTN Dual is a perfect choice for computers, IT equipments and
other sensitive devices.

DSP Technology:
The advance DSP digital control technology enable UPS more stable performance.

Active input power factor correction (PFC): 
Digitalized control of the PFC enable the UPS to keep input power factor above 0.99 to prevent possible electric grid pollution and meanwhile mostly save the cost. 

Zero power switch delay: 
When the utility power fails, UPS will automatically switch from AC mode to battery mode with no delay, which ensures stable power supply of operating system. 

Environment Friendly: 
This UPS is eco-designed and manufactured to meet the most local pollution control requirement of Electronic Products, which means it will cause no harm to environment and human beings in normal usage. 

Generator Compatibility: 
The wide range of input voltage and frequency can effectively separate the harmful electric wave produces by the generators and provide safe and reliable power supply. 

Wide range of input voltage and frequency: 
We intentionally widen the range of input factors to make sure the UPS can apply to various environment, which will effectively sustain the battery charging even in unstable power environment so that the service life of the UPS could be obviously prolonged.


  • Long battery runtimes – typically 3 times longer than lead-acid batteries
  • Very lightweight – each battery pack weighs 44% less than a lead-acid equivalent
  • Long service life – more than 10 years; only 4 to 5 years for lead-acid batteries
  • Wide-temperature range – tolerates wide temperatures from -20°C to 55°C
  • Advanced safety – no thermal runaway issues that are inherent in Lithium-ion chemistry
  • Lower lifetime costs – 75 percent less than lead-acid batteries
  • Eco-friendly –EPI LiFePO4 battery is safe for the environment. It has no caustic materials or dangerous odors.


  • Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%
  • Output PF of 1.0 (6-10kVA)
  • Full protection of overvoltage, circuit short and over temperature
  • Network/fax/modem surge protection
  • LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operation status
  • 19 inch standard cabinet and battery cabinet
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Abundant interfaceRS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card

MTN Dual Series

Online Double Conversion
Tower or 19″ rack mount UPS