Online UPS

MTP Series 1-10kVA

MTP Series
1-10kVA 1-phase/1-phase
Double Conversion Online (VFI)


MTP Series is a range of ON-LINE double Conversion technology UPS with 1.0 output
power factor and “zero” transfer time, the load is always powered by the inverter, which supplies
true sinusoidal voltage that is free from electrical interference.


MTP Series offers high quality power supply with the greatest degree of availability and reliability

MTP Series is compact and very convenient for users, especially for basic equipment such as
PC, Workstation, Network centers, Communication equipments, and other critical systems.


Battery expansion is possible to increase the back-up time of the UPS. For longer back-up
time, it is available MTP “L” version without internal battery but with powerful battery charger


MTP Series comes with an RJ45/RJ11 socket to guarantee the protection of its telephone or
network line against any surge voltages


The UPS is programmed to restart automatically when the mains returns after switching off due to end of back-up time following prolonged power failure.


MTP Series comes with an expansion slot for optional communication board which make it
compatible with the main communication option: SNMP and Dry contact card

DSP Technology

The advance DSP digital control technology enable UPS more stable performance.

Active Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Digitalized control of the PFC enable the UPS to keep input power factor above 0.99 to prevent possible electric grid pollution and meanwhile mostly save the cost.

Zero Power Switch Delay

When the utility power fails, UPS will automatically switch from AC mode to battery mode with no delay, which ensures stable power supply of operating system.

Environment Friendly

This UPS is eco-designed and manufactured to meet the most local pollution control requirement of Electronic Products, which mean it will cause no harm to environment and human beings in normal usage.

Wide Range of Input Voltage and Frequency

We intentionally widen the range of input factors to make sure the UPS can apply to various environment, which will effectively sustain the battery charging even in unstable power environment so that the service life of the UPS could be obviously prolonged.


  • True double-conversion
  • Microprocessor control optimized reliability
  • Input power factor correction
  • Output power factor 1.0
  • Wide input voltage(110V~300)
  • Converter mode available
  • Generator compatible
  • Smart SNMP works well either USB or RS-232