Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) 16A & 30A 


This ATS product is designed with two independent power inlets to supply power to load from a primary power source. Should primary power source fail, the secondary will automatically back up the connected equipment without any interruption. The transfer time from one line to another is seamless to the connected equipment. After switching to a secondary power source, the ATS can also switch power back to the primary input when power to the primary input is restored.

Assurance Against Load Faults:
If one of the loads fails (for example a short-circuit), ATS disengages the group of sockets where the load is
associated, thus preventing other loads from being turned off.

Assurance Against Power Supply Faults:
In the event that one of the two input sources falls outside tolerance levels, ATS will move the load to the subsequent input source (switching is instantaneous if the two sources are in phase). EPI ATS change power with no effect on IT hardware. Regular power supply will work within 20ms after AC coltage drops to zero. The exchanging time incorporates the ideal opportunity for the inherent knowledge to decide if the voltage and frequency are in range. Any point of failure in the electronics does not cause a drop out of the output voltage because the unit incorporates redundancy of its electronic circuitry to avoid fault tolerance.

Working Principle:
ATS gives direct distribution of eight 10A IEC yields or one 16A IEC output in the 16 A model, four 10A IEC outputs one 16A IEC output or a terminal board in the 30 A model in a framework with two input power lines (two mains sources, or two UPS). ATS can interface with both of the two input power lines, while at the same time checking the power uptake.


• 16A, 30A max. input current
• Powered by two separately independent power sources
• Dual power supply for redundancy
• Provides seamless power switch for IT equipment
• Preferred source selection on front panel
• Highly reliability 19" rack design (1U) to fit into a diverse working environment
• Built-in USB and RS-232 communications

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) 16A & 30A: