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Multi Switch

Datasheet 1.pdf

2 input/ 8 output
Remote Monitoring
N version (ETHERNET), S Version (RS232)

Improves electrical supply continuity. The principle of operation guarantees a higher reliability level than that achieved using a single UPS (on-line with automatic bypass) or several UPS in parallel.


The Multi-SWITCH provides electrical distribution and remote management for up to eight network users, powered from two direct mains supplies or UPS or a combination of both.
The Multi-SWITCH can connect each (up to eight, each with a maximum power demand not greater than 4A), to either of the two power sources (1 and 2). Load demand is shown on the LCD.
See principle of operation diagram.


If one of the two power source falls outside specification, Multi-SWITCH will transfer the connected loads to the second power source (switching is instantaneous even if the two sources are not in phase).


If a fault occurs with one of the loads (for example due to a short-circuit or overload), Multi-SWITCH will disconnect the load to prevent disruption to the others. Multi-SWITCH protects sensitive installations from both power and hardware faults.


  • Full protection against mains failures and load faults
  • Flexible power sources: Multi-SWITCH can be powered from 2 different sources (2mains supplies, 2 UPS or a combination of both. Note that the UPS can be of a different size)
  • Designed for installation in a 19” rack-mount cabinet
  • LCD to provide measurements/alarms/states information
  • Management software include
  • Remote monitoring serial interface
  • No signal connection is required between Multi-SWITCH and the power sources or supplied hardware
  • Configuration software provided as standard
  • Slot-in SNMP nerwork adapter card

See Technical Details Diagram.