NS Telecom Inverter

NS Series

Telecom and Electric Power Inverter
Pure Sine Wave Output
VACOutput: 120/220/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz


The NS series is new inverter with up-to-date technology and improved modularity. This inverter has been designed to offer low cost per VA and offers our standard features: High local level of intelligence, Reliability and smart characteristics. Modules are mounted in racks from 500VA up to 6kVA, with inverter modules of 1000VA capacity. A static switch can be ordered as an option providing second AC source back- up with very fast switching time. Modular
distribution is available providing a complete range of products to match most of your application up to 6kVA. Easy to install and to use, this new system is the ideal solution for system integration or dedicated solutions. Existing in 120/220/ AC output, The DC input range is 12 to 220VDC.


• With micro-CPU control, NS Series inverter is an intelligence model product, good designing and reliability are the advantages.
• NS series inverter is adopting SPWM technology, with the output of stabilized voltage and frequency, pure sine-wave.
• NS series inverter has good compatibility, built-in by-pass switch, high overload feature for reliable and continuous power supply.
• NS series inverter can be AC power type and DC power type: AC power type means the city power supply is main when the city power is normal, when city power is off, inverter comes into work state. DC power type means the inverter power supply is main when the city power is normal, the inverter power is off, city power comes into work
state automatically.
• With the excellent designing, NS series inverter can be auto switched to bypass on the running state, it’s easy to maintain and replace the battery without effecting load power supply.
• In case there is battery voltage high/low or overload, the overload warning shutdown output, when battery voltage recovers normal, battery voltage recovers; power supply output will auto recovers in 50 seconds after overload off. This function is very suitable for the communication station which there is no person on duty.
• NS series inverter can support network communication system, power working state can be monitored by the supervision software.
• NS series inverter provides with two dry connectors which can be used for DC input fault checking and AC output problem.