Integrated Micro Data Centre


Pro-Smart Series Micro-Integrated Data Center, ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, integrated with 5 systems that include rack system, power distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system and gas fire extinguishing system, for single cabinet foot print space is only 0.72 square meter, it is a good choice for server room within10-20 square meters.

Reliable and safety:

  • All parts follow international standard reliable quality of production.
  • Pre-manufactured, pre-assembled, Pre-debugged, ensure the safety and reliability of product operation.
  • Self-contained system of single cabinet, suit to all kind of complex condition (Dusty, Limited space, No air condition).
  • Overall design, overall delivery, avoid design issue of system.
  • Intelligent bullet door system retard channel over-temperature, allow time for data backup.
  • Integrated intelligent monitoring ensure the safe and reliable operation of system.

Intelligent management:

  • The monitor system is open and expandable, friendly interface.
  • Local, remote WEB access interface and SMS are supported.


  • Closer refrigeration, efficient power supply, Single cabinet average PUE≈1.50.
  • Power distribution, UPS, monitoring, refrigeration, multi-cabinet integration which save more space.
  • No design and no wiring required, remote and unattended operation which will save TCO


  • Series governmental server room
  • Financial and IT industry
  • Commercial and tourist
  • Gas station, tollgate, intelligent building Government office
  • Educational and medical institution, energy and electric power industry
  • Tobacco industry and military

Simple and Convenient:

  • Distribution modular design,  handy installation  and maintenance
  • Rack model internal air conditioner, easy maintenance
  • No special decoration required, installation and debugging cycle only 3 hours
  • Single cabinet system, expand to 2-3 cabinets is available.

Pro Smart-2: