Rectifier system (EWT380/48-100AS)

Hot- Swappable
Modular Rectifier system (EWT380/48-100AS)

• Wide operating range of AC input voltage: 90~415Vac
• current/voltage switching tech with high efficiency ≥96%
• Perfect battery management, battery temperature
• RS485 communication, SNMP optional
• Temperature compensation, LVLD and LVBD protection,
• Automatic battery test function, cycle test, quick test
• Supports power system &module sleep, efficiency mixing, energy saving
• Support real-time detection of the operating status of the power system
• Support alarm real-time detection and reporting
• Hot-swap able
• Input over/under voltage protection
• Output over voltage protection
• Output over current protection
• Output short circuit protection
• Auto current sharing, parallel operation

• Telecom station/base/ Cabinet Equipment
• SCADA Networks and Data Room
• Transmission equipment
• Radio base station/cell sites
• Railway & metro
• Direct-current emergency power units in power stations and chemical plants

Modular rectifier System is a modular Extra-able power system based on building blocks for both 19 inch system solutions. It is consist of Rectifier module & Control Monitor & 19" framework. This rectifier system 90~415 V AC supply voltage, support 90~290Vac singe phase supply voltage. into stable nominal 48VDC voltage adjustable to the needs of the application. All versions provide options for alarming and battery temperature

Hot- Swappable
Modular Rectifier system (EWT380/48-100AS)