Modular UPS

MTR-RM, 20-200KVA

Modular Online UPS


MTR-RM series is modular online UPS for sensitive equipments. The single cabinet power rating covers from 20KVA to 200KVA which delivers the best of combination of reliability, hot-swappable and flexibility. With the latest IGBT three-level technology and DSP control, MTR-RM achieves a high input power factor, low THD and high system efficiency, which make it a great choice for data centers, computer systems and critical equipments.


  • Modular design: Up to 20 power module in parallel 0nline hotswappable N+X redundancy
  • High power density: 200kVA with footprints of about 0.5m2 saving valuable data center space
  • Independent charger: Independent charger for each module Intelligently
    control the whole charging process with prolong the life time of the battery Integrated IGBT design in one module, less failure points with higher performance and reliability
  • Battery cold start: UPS can be powered on from the battery without utility
  • Friendly interface: Touch LCD display with abundant information
  • Totally front access: Top and bottom cable entry connection are supported, more convenient for site installation
  • Maintenance reminder: System can record the running time for critical components and set reminding time for
  • Modular design with transformer: Modular UPS up to 60kVA with built-in isolation transformer, meeting different requirement for customer